Linux text to speech festival

About Festival:-
The festival is a application that lets you text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis in unix like system.  Festival is basically a free software framework for the Unix Like system that can  convert the plain tet into audible speech which you can hear from your speakers. The festival can work on Uni like system if configured through an rpm package  while on RedHat/Centos you can simply install it via yum. Apart from this there are also other text to speech applications are available but as a beginner you can start with the festival.  This text to speech reader can also be used in reading the pdf document by using applications like kpdf or adobe, so again you will not be needing to stare at your screen for reading a ebook or so just use this reader, it will do it all for you.

First check that if any festival package is installed or not just type the following command at your terminal:
# which festival

the above command shows that festival isn"t installed.

than just give the following command
#yum install festival

thats it you"re done, yum will now communicate with the repositories of CentOS and resolve all the dependencies and software for you.

Next just try playing a text with it with following command.
#echo "you have finally configured festival bookmark linuxadministrationguide site now" | festival --tts



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