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vi is not the only text editor available with Linux. There are 3 other major text editors;

  1. emacs 
  2. pico
  3. joe
By default none of the above 3 are included in Red Hat Linux.

1. emacs:-
The emacs is one of the most popular text editor in world of Linux/Unix. Once emacs RPM is installed, any text file can be open with its help. For eg:- To open /etc/inittab in emacs use

# emacs /etc/inittab


Note:- RPM stands for Red Hat Package Manager, the standard way Red Hat organizes package.

2. pico:-
pico is another popular Linux/ Unix editor, which is installed as part of the pine e-mail RPM package. Once installed it can be used to open text files.  For eg:- to pen /etc/inittab in pico use;

# pico /etc/inittab


Opening pico in a Gui brings a control character driven interface. For example, the EXIT  command is shown as  ^X which can be run by Ctrl+x command.

3. joe:-
joe is another popular editor also known as " Joe's own editor". Once installed can be used to open text files.

#joe /etc/inittab


It also opens character driven interface like pico. But  Unfortunately, F1 key not bring help but instead Ctrk+k command is required for same.

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