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Graphical environments for Linux have been introduced in the past few years. You can be perfectly productive in the X Window System and only have to open a shell prompt to complete a few tasks.

However, many Red Hat Enterprise Linux functions can be completed faster from the shell prompt than from a graphical user interface (GUI). In less time than it takes to open a file manager, locate a directory, and then create, delete, or modify files from a GUI, a task can be finished with just a few commands at a shell prompt. And even Linux is identified more as a character user interface rather than a graphical user interface and due to which its speed, efficiency and security increases much more than a any gui version.

A shell prompt looks similar to other command line interfaces with which you might be familiar. Users type commands at a shell prompt, the shell interprets these commands, and let the OS execute and work output accordingly. Experienced users can write shell scripts to expand their capabilities even further. It looks similar to the following


A Shell Prompt


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