Partition Schemes

Linux provides a variety of ways to set up partitions but there are a few standard partition schemes also.. By default, while installing Red hat Linux, you will set up at least two directories on separate partitions; the root (/) directory and /boot. The /boot directory is commonly mounted on its own partitions because many Linux installations cannot start if the files in the /boot directory are stored above hard drive.

Installations carried over servers involve several more mounted directories /home, /usr, /var.

 MOUNTED  DIRECTORIES                               COMMENT
Typical configuration with one small hard drive.
Typical configuration with large hard drive. This is default configuration for RED HAT LINUX Personal Desktop and Workstation installation
Possible configuration where log size, such as from a web server, is an issue. This can prevent runaway log files from crowding all free space.
Possible configuration for a Linux Server with home directories for a number of other users. With other measures such as quotas, it can regulate space usage by users.


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